13th October


What he said, I am absolutely clear about this, what he said was that in his father’s house were many TV channels. And he did that thing with his eyes, narrowed them a bit. He said, ‘If it were not so I would have told you.’ I remember that very well because it was quite heavy, like we had to pay attention.

He was going to get the place ready and then come back for us. That is definitely what he said. The funny thing was he insisted we knew the house, and how to get there too. Well, we didn’t. If we did, why would he have to come back for us? We could just turn up, maybe pick up some pretzels and beer en route. And Tom said, ‘No, we don’t know the way,’ and he suddenly went all weird, going on about how he was the way and the truth and if we knew him we must know his dad, and from now on we did know his dad because we’d seen him. Well, we hadn’t. So Phil said, ‘Have you got a picture of him on your phone?’ And it got a bit unpleasant. He said, ‘After all this time, Philip, and you say you don’t know me.’ Which wasn’t what Phil had said in fact, but he wouldn’t let it go. ‘If you know me you know my father,’ he said, ‘so what’s this about showing you his picture?’ He doesn’t like being challenged, that’s the problem. There’s two ways of doing things, his way and the wrong way. But once he calmed down he was dead nice again. His place was our place, anything you want just ask, all that stuff. Which probably means we don’t have to bring anything. And then he was off.

I’d wanted to ask how many T V channels there actually were. And which ones, because a lot of them are crap and we’re going to be there a long time. But because of the way he’d had a go at Phil I didn’t think I could.

Anyway, he’s been away ages. He never gave a time of course, but it’s getting cold out here.

Reader: Matthew Zajac
Fiddle: Aidan O'Rourke
Piano: Kit Downes
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