18th June

A Personal Statement from Our Director of Operations

We talked about rendition, sure, I’m not going to deny it. What am I going to say, that isn’t my head on the video, that isn’t my voice? Listen, it’s me. We talked about a lot of things. Rendition was one of them. That’s what we do, we talk. That’s what we get paid for by government, to come up with suggestions, opinions. That is our expertise. And this isn’t leaked, by the way, this is me telling you, straight up.

There’s a real world out there, full of bad people. We monitor movements and developments, we analyse what’s happening, and we tell government what we find. We’re good at our job, okay? When you have a meltdown situation, like when that regime was collapsing, you identify opportunities. The chaos offered opportunities. And let me tell you, it was personal with that bastard. He should never have been allowed home to die. Did his victims get home to die? No, he blew them out of the sky. Don’t talk to me about if he did or he didn’t. Read the verdict of the court. He should have been rotting in a prison cell, not home with his family. And don’t talk to me about compassionate release. So it was a natural thing, to see if he could be rendered.

And play that video again. Did we do it? No, it was a suggestion, a possibility. And isn’t there someone saying, ‘We can’t do that, because he’s already been tried and sentenced and served time’? Yes, there is. We knew what was legal, we knew what was done by a foreign jurisdiction. We just didn’t agree with it. So do you want me to condemn the employee, the loyal employee and loyal citizen of this country, who said, well if we can’t render him why not do the other thing, the more efficient thing? Do you want me to condemn that? ‘One more reason to just bugzap him with a hellfire,’ is that the opinion you want me to condemn? Well, I won’t do it.

Cancer took the son of a bitch out anyway, so it’s academic. He got lucky, if you really want to know.

Reader: Mary McCartney
Fiddle: Aidan O'Rourke
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