20th August

The Envoy of Peace

I come in peace. This is the meaning of my title. Let me make myself clear. I always come in peace. Even when I came before, I came in peace.

When I came before, it was to bring peace to this region, which has for so long been troubled by war. It saddened me to see this and so I came. It saddened me too that when I brought peace on that occasion, I had to bring it in a little casket protected by aeroplanes and tanks. I did not wish to bring peace thus, but I had no choice. There was a wicked man who had his own aeroplanes and tanks and also weapons of even greater power. In order to bring my peace it was necessary to destroy the wicked man, his aeroplanes and tanks, and his weapons of greater power. And look, he is no more. He is gone, his aeroplanes and tanks are gone, and even his weapons of greater power are gone.

Some said these weapons never existed but I said they did and my saying it made it the truth and without my saying it I could not have come in peace and truth. The truth was that the evil man threatened a terrible war, a war that would trouble not just this region but the whole world. The threat of his war was very great, but my peace was greater than his war and it was in peace that I came and defeated him, and that is the truth.

Now I come again, to bring peace to this region, which has for so long been troubled by war. I know in my heart that you in your hearts wish for peace. I have here a little casket. It contains a peace greater than any peace you can imagine. If you accept this peace from me, it will be yours. You cannot open the casket because only I have the key. It is my casket and my peace, but I will give it to you because I am generous, truthful and kind.

However, if you refuse my gift of peace then I will have to open the casket again.

Reader: Charlie West
Fiddle: Aidan O'Rourke
Harmonium: Kit Downes
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